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Exams in 2020

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Exams in 2020
by Gill Tree - Thursday, 17 September 2020, 3:21 PM

Dear students, just a quick update that  we are in the dark about exams for 2020  and whether we can continue to offer them online next year. We are  still waiting to hear from  the exam board;ITEC. I am fairly sure that we will be able to continue in this format and if so, will offer them once a month in that way.  Please keep an eye on this forum for our announcements. We will get dates sorted for the new year as soon as we can. If we can go ahead with continuing exams online, we will make the first one for 2020, the third or fourth week of January. 

In the unlikely event that  ITEC require "live exams" in exam venues we would also arrange one in London for that time and will look to also arranging regional ones as and when you request them. 

Hoping we can continue online, it's much easier for everyone! 

Happy studies!

Gill and Annie