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Revised Muscle List

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Revised Muscle List
by Gill Tree - Friday, 29 January 2021, 10:45 AM

Dear students

Time and again, students contact me over the rather daunting task of learning all the names, actions and points of attachment (origins and insertions) of muscles.

Attached is a revised list from the ITEC syllabus which should replace the one you may have downloaded from unit 2.

It goes through all the muscles you now need to know and the level of knowledge you require. It is simpler than the information provided by Jane in the unit 2a, but covers a lot more muscles that ITEC now requires. The unit 2b was created for sports massage students and if you are finding following that unit difficult, then please just refer to the attached handout.

Finally, and hopefully to reassure you  there will only be two or three questions (if that) about muscle actions and their position in the body in the exam out of a total of fifty questions, so do keep them in perspective. You could get both questions wrong and still get 96%!

Good luck and call me if you need more help. .

Happy studies!