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VTCT exams

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VTCT exams
by Gill Tree - Friday, 14 August 2015, 11:10 AM

I am developing regional exam centres for ITEC exams  a simpler and more straightforward exam and will therefore only offer the VTCT exams for a few more months. Please contact me to make arrangements for your VTCT if you still want to take this exam. ITEC regional centres are initially likely to be, Bristol, Exeter, Brighton, Norwich, Stockton, Harrogate, Dublin, Glasgow and Birmingham.  More will be developed in late 2015 and early 2016. 

The ITEC exam is 50 minutes multiple choice with a 50% passmark. There is now  homework researching 2 pathologies for each body system. Exam fee is £110 in London and £130 for regional exams.

The VTCT exam is 2 x 2 hour multiple choice with a 70% passmark. There is homework researching 3 pathologies for each body system. Exam fee is £126.

Please do call if your require more information, 0203 553 1060.


Gill Tree