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Your Therapy business success

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Your Therapy business success
by Gill Tree - Wednesday, 7 July 2021, 12:09 PM

Dear A and P students and graduates

You may already know that previously a social worker, I started my own school of massage (having trained in massage and falling in love with it) in 1992 and developed it to quite a size. (Turnover of £half a million). 

How did I go from social worker to entrepreneur and can I help you do the same?

Well ok maybe not the same, but at least get you on the road to being a successful therapist, helping the nations health with your chosen therapy. 

Whilst teaching people from all walks of life to become massage therapists, I saw amazing talent. My students really did have healing hands. BUT, if you don't know how to market those hands, how to price your therapy treatments or ask for repeat business, the world will not get the benefit of your special gift.

Now we can't be good at everything. Why would someone who really understands sports injuries also understand a balance sheet?! 

This is where my Business E-course "Passport to Business Success" is invaluable.

I teach you all the lessons and mistakes I learnt from, along my almost 30 year journey of being in business. 

The package includes: 

  • A film based e-course equivalent to a one day live training

  • A pre-recorded webinar on social media marketing

  • 73 page e-book with 30 steps and 6 guiding principles called “Kick Start Your Therapy Business” that will really help you get going

  • A comprehensive workbook and course manual

  • Two years access to really embed all the lessons to help you get going and keep going

And right now, there is a sizzling summer offer of 30% off, bring the price down to £69.99- a small investment to ensure you get going on your chosen journey and living the life you've dreamed about.

Take a look at the 5 minute snippet of me teaching here

And as a freebie, here's the first pages of the e-book;

Step One: Decide your Busines Offering and Business Name

Hurrah! You’ve started the journey and remember- the hardest part of anything is getting started! Phew, so we’ve got the hardest bit out of the way….

Now the fun begins!!

Decide what you are going to be providing in your first year of business (hint- keep it simple, all your expansion ideas can happen-but later. Keep a note of them and even incorporate them into your business plan-more about that in one of the monthly guiding principle emails).

Why keep it simple? It is so easy for some of us to have too many ideas and we spread ourselves too thin and nothing ever really gets off the ground. If you are a creative type (like me!) agrees with yourself that you are going to focus on “the one thing” but allow yourself to be creative in finding:

12 ways to market it
11 different ways to sell it
10 different promotional emails for it
9 different special offers for it
8 key contacts
7 favourite suppliers
6 guinea pigs to test it out on
5 people that can help you
4 ways to get in contact with you
3 different niche markets for it
2 different price structures for it
and a great support network!

 For those of you who are more grounded, keeping it simple will be easy! Hurrah! Your challenge is to ensure it does actually get off the ground, that you stop perfecting it and stop procrastinating! So, tell at least 10 people your launch date/price/business name and promise to show them your flyer and website next month and ask them to check up on you.

 On the subject of business names- err you need one!

It could be Sarah Green Therapies or Paul Smith Homoeopathy or Bristol Reflexology and that is absolutely fine…


 Remember all your expansion ideas?! Imagine your business in 5 years from now- will it have moved on? Will your name be limiting it?

It took me 6 months to get my business name and then I didn’t come up with it. My sisters did at my cousin’s wedding. (Hint a glass of champagne definitely helps the creative process and gets other people in on the act!).

Once you have got a name, test it out by asking strangers and people you know who will give you an honest answer- their opinion.

Once you have a name you need a colour scheme and a logo……

 Is that enough to be working on for this week? Good luck and enjoy the process of creating a magnificent business!

Tip of the week

Whenever you have a challenging moment/difficult decision, think of a businessperson you admire and imagine what they would say and do.  That person becomes your virtual mentor. I have Anita Roddick, Richard Branson, and the Dalai Lama on my virtual team! Boy does that help me gain perspective! What is a major problem for me- Richard Branson just laughs at!!

Buy the Course here

Wishing you so much success! 

Best wishes Gill x