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Study buddy

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Study buddy
by Gill Tree - Monday, 4 May 2020, 1:17 PM

so you have signed up for the e-course in A and P.

 How is it going?

You may be one of those amazingly motivated and disciplined people who can just sit down and get it done! In which case well done you and get back to your studies!!

But just in case you are not and you are  finding that when you are at home that  there are many other things take up your time – work commitments, family commitments, the washing, the cleaning, the gardening, the biscuit tin…….. then you might find that having a study buddy might help.

In a classroom setting you have your classmates and the teacher to be answerable to if you haven’t done the work. But with an e-course you need to build in some accountability and to have someone check up on you. 

With a study buddy you can agree to complete a task by a certain time and test each other on it.

If you would like a study buddy, email and she will see if she can hook you up with someone. You will need to agree for her to share your email address and mobile number with the other person and need to state that in your email.

Happy studies!!