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Feeling stuck at all?

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Feeling stuck at all?
by Gill Tree - Tuesday, 12 May 2020, 12:32 PM

Hi there, 

Last year I signed up for an e-course (on neuro-science ouch!!) and was really motivate and got 80% of it done. Then my son was off school for 4 months (a bit like now hey?!) and I just didn't have the time to continue. By the time he went back to school, I had lost my motivation, lost confidence that I would remember ANYTHING I had learnt and getting back to it became a monster of a task. It took a pep talk with my tutor to get me back on track, finish the course and pass my exam! 

Need that pep talk? Just call me!! 0203 553 1060.

Alternatively just do the course backwards!!! 

Yup! start at the bottom of the drop down list to some of the much, much, smaller units. (urinary, endocrine, reproductive.....) You'll be ticking them off the list in no time and feeling really chuffed with yourself. 

Remember to visualise that shiny certificate hanging on your wall and have confidence that this course will get you there. Our pass rate is 97%.

Set yourself a time-scale for when you are going to complete the course and tell someone.

Ask them to check up on you that you've done it. 

A few simple markers in the sand and you'll get there! 

Happy studies!!

Gill Tree (fellow e-course student)